Welcome to Just Sing!


Just Sing! Community Choir is a group of liked minded individuals, from all walks of life, who love to sing. We Just Sing! …. for joy, for health, for happiness, for connection, for inspiration, for therapy and for fun. We meet every Monday, at the Tugun Progress Hall, for a 2 hour sing session (7-9pm).

Just Sing! welcomes everyone: those that can sing, those that feel they can a little, those that feel they can’t at all, or those that have been told by others that they cannot sing. At Just Sing!, we cherish the philosophy that everybody can sing and … everybody does. Singing is community! Our voices connect us to our humanity and our ability as human beings to communicate and express. Singing with others connects us – as community – to culture and story, through grief, sorrow, joy and celebration.

If you are searching for an expressive and creative outlet, you love to sing, or you simply wish to engage a little more with your own voice, Just Sing! may be a place to start. Please join us as we explore sound and song and we celebrate community.

JUST SING! Community Choir

Tugun Progress Hall | 433 Golden Four Drive | Tugun | Gold Coast

For further information, please contact Kacey on 0415 220 410 or justsingcc@gmail.com.

Just Sing! Community Choir is facilitated by Kacey Patrick. Kacey is a 20+year experienced vocalist and performer, singing teacher, vocal coach and performing arts consultant. She also loves fabric, making costumes, writing musicals and curating creative arts and community events.

Kacey is assisted by Luke Stapleton – guitarist/multi instrumentalist/instrumental teacher/composer & arranger extraordinaire. And Jordy Holden – pianist/composer/arranger & all round exceptional human.